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Support hardware for an Arduino as web server

Input and output locally or across the internet

This page is browser friendly, by the way. Make your browser's window less wide than your whole screen and you will find the narrower columns much easier to read. For more tips, see my Power Browsing hints.

This page is not(?) enough

I strongly recommend that you at least skim through the information on my page about how the ArduServer2 was developed, but if you want just "the answer", here it is. At least here is the Arduino half of things. You use an ordinary web browser, e.g. Firefox, for the client. You can access an ArduServer over your LAN or across the internet. Other pages will give you the necessary Arduino software.

Support hardware for ArduServer2

The circuit diagram (schematic) and PCB design here are all you need to add the following to an Arduino based web server, described elsewhere.

(That second sensor can be anything that changes resistance in response to changes in the parameter it measures.)

I'll start with graphics embedded in the page. Later, there will be a link to download a zip with the files needed to load the project into the free, open source, Windows/ Linux/ Mac PCB-CAD tool "KiCad".

First an overview of the circuit. Don't worry... a close-up of part is included in a moment. Or right-click, elect "view image", and magnify the result. At first glance, these images are crude, of poor resolution. But the sources are good... you just have to do a little work with your downloading... or turn to the much better... and editable, of course, KiCad files.

Overall schematic, PCB250

Here's the enlargement of the critical bit, as promised.

Detail from PCB250 schematic

Now a human friendly... mostly... image of the PCB, from the "top", or component side. This is a shield you can plug into a standard Arduino.

PCB250- artwork

The same PCB, different presentation....

PCB250- artwork

Machine readable design files

I commend KiCad to you. Yes, I too hate installing Yet Another App on my machine.... but KiCad is pretty well behaved. See KiCadHowTo.org

Once you have KiCad on a system, the following will give you the above. There may be moans about missing libraries, but I think you can ignore them, at least to work with the circuit and PCB supplied in the zip file of PCB250's files.

Further notes: component selection, construction

Another document is full of stuff you should read if you are making an ArduServer2, even if you are using a breadboard/ protoboard. It goes into component selection.

You can access it with this link. (There's also a copy in the KiCad zip of PCB250's files, see above... one may be more up to date than the other.)

I hope that was useful...

Remember: The code is explained for you at my page explaining ArduServer2's creation.

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